Strengthening Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries Posted agosto 18, 2017 by jocemar


Artisanal Fishery: See small-scale fishery (terms are used interchangeably here as in many other reports—e.g. World Bank et al. 2012). Specific definitions refer to traditional fisheries involving fishing households (as opposed to commercial companies), using relatively small amount of capital and energy, relatively small fishing vessels (if any), making short fishing trips, close to shore, mainly for local consumption. In practice, definition varies between countries, e.g. from gleaning or a one-man canoe in poor developing countries, to more than 20 meter trawlers, seiners, or long-liners in developed ones. Artisanal fisheries can be subsistence or commercial fisheries, providing for local consumption or export (FAO 2016d).

Strengthening Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries 2017


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